Altech completes battery technology pilot plant design

Altech Chemicals has put the finishing touches on its Germany-based pilot plant where it will seek to produce premium grade battery anode material coated with high purity alumina using its proprietary technology. The plant is designed to produce up to 37,000 kilograms of coated anode material per year and Altech’s testing to date shows considerable efficiencies not currently available to battery manufacturers.

Altech’s 75%-owned German subsidiary, Altech Industries Germany, or “AIG”, which will oversee the project in the country, holds the golden ticket for the exclusive use of Altech’s proprietary battery materials coating technology. Altech within the European Union.

The company says the pilot plant will be located in the Schwarze Pumpe Dock 3 facility adjacent to AIG’s recently acquired 14-hectare industrial site in the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park. Altech has previously announced that the site is set aside for the future development of a 10,000 tpa high purity alumina battery material coating plant, which is currently undergoing a preliminary feasibility study.

Plans are also underway to build an on-site laboratory, which Altech says will allow it to make the rapid changes and adjustments needed to ensure product purity and allow processing parameters to be changed quickly if necessary.

The company says the purity of the end product is essential in the production chain and a key factor in the selection of processing equipment and main materials of construction.

Altech aims to demonstrate that its process consistently meets purity targets before optimizing equipment design and process parameters for a full-scale commercial production plant.

The final product from the pilot plant will produce customer samples for testing and qualification.

With production sites for Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Daimler and Tesla conveniently located in the same Saxony-based industrial park, Altech should have a series of potential customers within cooee who could potentially test its product.

Altech’s proprietary alumina coating technology of battery materials has been hailed as a technical breakthrough breaking the “silicon barrier” to successfully produce a series of lithium-ion battery anode materials with a capacity of 30 % greater than conventional graphite-only anode materials.

According to Altech, silicon has about ten times the energy-holding capacity compared to conventional graphite-only anode material.

Electric vehicle heavyweight Tesla recently said that implementing more silicon in battery anodes was a crucial step in reducing the cost of lithium-ion batteries and improving their energy density.

A recent report by leading international business research provider, BloombergNEF, determined that approximately 58% of all new vehicles manufactured by 2040 are expected to be electric or hybrid. In Germany alone, electric vehicles are expected to account for almost 40% of total sales by 2025, the report concludes.

With the rapid electrification of the global motor fleet, a game-changing technological breakthrough, and a Germany-based operation strategically located on the doorstep of the European Union, Altech appears well positioned on the precipice of the lithium-ion battery boom.

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Leon E. Hill