First shipment of SOP wastewater treatment plant equipment for the Beyondie project begins

Kalium Lakes announced that German engineer and equipment supplier Ebtec GbR (Ebtec) has started shipping specialized equipment for the Beyondie Potash Sulfate Project (BSOPP) wastewater treatment plant.

This is the first of a total of 10 planned shipments, with the last shipment due to leave Germany by the end of October 2020.

The cargo includes flotation cells, agitators and cyclones and should be delivered to the site ahead of schedule. Five more shipments are planned before the end of August and will include conveyors, centrifuges, pumps, cooling crystallizer, feeder, hammer mill, tanks, pipes and instruments. The remaining shipments will include thickeners, tanks, piping and instrumentation.

Kalium Lakes Managing Director Brett Hazelden said:

“There are only a handful of similar brine-based SOP mines in operation in the world and therefore access to design, supply, construction and operating expertise. specific equipment is limited. Through the partnership with our German engineering and equipment supply consortium Ebtec, which performed similar services for a successful SOP plant in Austria, Kalium Lakes occupies a unique position in the Australian SOP development space. There is strong confidence in the design given the performance guarantees provided by Ebtec for SOP quality and throughput. As we expected to work with the efficient team of Ebtec, this equipment was manufactured on time and all aspects of the scheduled delivery are ahead of schedule.

Dr Markus Pfänder, Executive Representative of Ebtec, commented:

“We are happy that despite the Corona crisis, we were able to deliver earlier than expected. The equipment that is currently being shipped to Australia is based on decades of experience, extensive testing and a proven supply chain. This combination has given us sufficient confidence to provide respective performance guarantees and thus ensure the success of the Beyondie SOP project.

Kalium Lakes can also report that other equipment not supplied by Ebtec has started to be delivered, also ahead of schedule, with the boiler package recently received at the construction site of the Beyondie SOP project processing plant. and the chillers and cooling towers currently stored in Perth awaiting transfer to the placer.

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