Iran on track to reduce dependency in power plant equipment industry

TEHRAN- Strengthening domestic production to achieve self-sufficiency is Iran’s main strategy to fight against sanctions.

Among the different sectors, the role of the energy sector is of vital importance in this regard.

In the current Iranian calendar year (started on March 20), which is called the year of increased production, the Ministry of Energy has laid out its main programs to materialize this currency.

The ministry’s programs in this regard have been defined in 13 major axes.

Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said his ministry, as an executive body, had a crucial role to play in providing water and electricity infrastructure to meet the targets of increased production , adding that production sectors across the country should be sure they have enough water. and the supply of electricity.

To this end, the ministry has set up programs for the national production of equipment imported from this sector.

The equipment of power stations is one of the major elements whose national production is seriously pursued by the ministry.

The ministry has already acquired knowledge for the domestic manufacture of several pieces of equipment in this sector.

One example is the oxygen analyzer, which is used to measure the concentration of oxygen (O2) in flue gases.

In mid-November, an official from Iran’s Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH) announced that for the first time in the country, the oxygen analyzer required by power plants, which was previously imported and many money was paid to buy a foreign sample of this device, was designed and manufactured by domestic experts.

Esmaeil Namazi, general manager of the technical affairs department of the holding company, pointed out: currency to buy the oxygen analyzers needed by industries in the country, another important step has been taken to reduce the dependence of domestic industries on foreign sources ”.

The other element in this regard is the Class F gas turbine.

Iran imported this piece of equipment from foreign sources such as Siemens in Germany.

But now the country has reached the technology to manufacture this type of turbine, which is used in high efficiency power plants.

Announcing that Iranian experts have acquired the technical know-how to design and manufacture Class F gas turbines used in combined cycle power plants, Alireza Nasrollhai, the operator of the combined cycle and thermal power plant projects, recently said : past, we do not have the engineering capacity to design gas turbines; but now we have acquired the technical knowledge and this type of turbine is entirely designed and manufactured by Mapna Group.

The previously domestically manufactured Class E gas turbine had an efficiency of 34%, while the Class F turbine has an efficiency of almost 40%, which will play an outstanding role in improving the efficiency of power stations.

Benefiting from such technology, Iran is now one of the countries capable of building high-efficiency power plants.

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