New ISO M4 isometry software used in plant design and construction

Summary of the press release:

  • Distances between individual lines of text in parts lists and note pads can be preset to ensure optimal readability
  • Individual component symbols can be automatically labeled with predefined notes
  • Uses existing 3D piping design data to automatically create fully dimensioned isometric piping drawings

Original press release:

Create pipe isometries even faster and with more detail

Version 4.0 of the ISO M4 Pipe Isometric Software is now available and includes many new features that make isometric generation from Creo or PCF files even more efficient

Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – November 18, 2020: ISO M4 isometric software is specially developed for use in plant design and construction. It is used to automatically generate unscaled piping isometries from PTC Creo Piping models or PCF files. The new version 4.0 of M4 ISO is available now.

Automatically generate piping isometrics from piping designs

M4 ISO uses existing 3D piping design data to automatically create fully dimensioned isometric piping drawings, complete with part lists, cut length lists, bend charts and more. The style and content of isometric drawings are highly configurable, allowing M4 ISO to provide manufacturing-ready documentation, even for long and complex runs.

Generate piping isometrics directly from Creo Piping

M4 ISO is available for direct use with PTC Creo Piping. The software is fully integrated with the Creo Piping user interface to provide a very simple and intuitive user experience. Pipe isometries are generated for selected Creo pipe assemblies at the push of a button. The user can easily specify the desired isometric style and other parameters to meet their specific needs. Of course, M4 ISO can also be used as an integrated solution in the lifecycle of a PTC Windchill product.

Convert PCF files to pipe isometrics with M4 ISO

A separate ISO M4 package is available for processing piping data from third party piping and plant design systems. This package offers fully automated conversion of PCF files to pipe isometrics. PCF is a commonly used data exchange format in which piping is described in detail. M4 ISO can also be integrated into existing processes so that the generation of pipe isometries via the PCF format is fully automated.

Version 4.0 adds more detail to piping isometry

With the new version 4.0 of M4 ISO, pipe isometrics can be produced in even more detail. For example, individual component symbols can be automatically labeled with predefined notes. Continuation labels can also be automatically added to the ends of the pipes to indicate where they connect to other pipes and equipment, making it much easier to understand and navigate in complex pipe systems with many drawings.

Even more flexibility for individual settings

M4 ISO version 4.0 offers even more flexibility in the layout of isometries. For example, distances between individual lines of text in parts lists and note pads can be preset to ensure optimal readability. Likewise, additional options have been provided to control the grouping and sorting of parts lists. This allows even more precise configuration of the software to meet specific business requirements. M4 ISO Version 4.0 is available now and includes an impressive range of new features.

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