Nuclear power plant equipment installed at Kudankulam 3: New Nuclear

July 19, 2022

Installing equipment using the “open top” technique – carried out while the dome is open – can save between five and seven months, according to officials involved in the construction of the Russian-designed Kudankulam 3 nuclear unit in India. .

Reactor equipment was installed in the Kudankulam 3 reactor building before the containment dome was put in place (Image: Rosatom)

Rosatom, whose engineering division is the general designer and contractor for Kudankulam 3, said the “open top” technique was used by its Indian partners.

He said the first time it was used at Kudankulam was for the Unit 3 reactor vessel. The steam generators, reactor coolant pumps, main coolant lines and pressurizer were installed in the same way.

Andrei Lebedev, Vice President India Projects for ASE JSC, said, “This technique aims to reduce the risk of installing equipment and shorten the time required to do so. As evidenced by a preliminary analysis, the method open means 5-7 months of time savings.The supply of equipment is carried out directly through the open roof of the cylindrical part of the reactor building, which allows you to reduce the number of operations performed.The current level of development technology ensures that activities are carried out in accordance with all regulatory requirements.”

Kudankulam is a long-term strategic project between India and Russia that began with an intergovernmental agreement in 1988. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited is constructing four new units of 1000 MWe each at Kudankulam, which is in Tamil Nadu in the South India – Units 3, 4, 5, and 6. Expected completion dates for Kundankulam 3 and 4 are in 2023. Kudankulam 1 and 2 entered commercial operation in December 2014 and April 2017, respectively.

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Leon E. Hill