ROCKWOOL Introduces ProRox Mat (Wrap) Insulation for Factory Equipment

CUI is a pervasive problem in many processes in isolated installations, attributed to the penetration and migration of water through the insulation to the metal surfaces of piping, vessels and other plant equipment. . If left unchecked, CUI leads to leaks or ruptures, process shutdowns, or even an entire plant shutdown.

A CUI event can negatively impact plant health, safety and environment (HSE) measures and damage the company’s reputation. CUI is also a costly problem, accounting for around 10% of a plant’s overall maintenance costs and 40-60% of its pipeline maintenance costs.

Award-winning protection

The ProRox MA 961 is the latest offering in ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation’s ProRox stone wool insulation product line. It effectively combats CUI with the addition of WR-Tech, a revolutionary binder technology that coats each individual fiber of ProRox insulation with an inorganic and hydrophobic additive during the production process.

This technology gives the insulation significantly improved impermeability. In fact, the patent-pending WRTech makes the insulation five times more water repellent (at 482 ° F / 250 ° C) than stone wool conforming to EN standardeven after heating and aging.

The innovative WR-Tech is garnering praise from the industry as a whole. The technology received the prestigious 2019 Corrosion Innovation of the Year award by NACE International Materials Performance Magazine. WR-Tech was one of 10 technologies out of more than 50 nominees to receive the coveted award, thanks to its growing track record of significant advancements in corrosion control.

WR-Tech was first successfully launched on ROCKWOOL’s ProRox mandrel wound pipe sections, where it quickly proved its value in combating CUI in several applications. Engineers improve their specifications, while contractors and installers frequently apply this solution to new construction and maintenance projects.

“With each new application, WR-Tech proves to be the most effective solution to help mitigate CUI, “said Jason hammond, Americas Vice President for ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation. “Now, with WR-Tech as part of our ProRox MA 961 insulation, plant operators can confidently protect their large piping, vessels and other insulated equipment from CUI, thereby extending the life of their processes while by reducing their maintenance costs. “

ProRox MA 961 is available for fast and efficient delivery wherever our customers need it. The product is one of many ROCKWOOL products available in our Houston deposit. The facility is fully stocked for on-demand product orders and 24/7 freight access.

With WR-Tech as part of ProRox Mat (Wrap), complete pipe systems, including elbows, can now be protected against the risks of CUI. The result: safer factory operations, reduced environmental impact and reduced total maintenance costs.

Don’t let water take hold of your plant. Contact your ROCKWOOL representative today to find out how ProRox MA 961 can protect your factory equipment against CUI.

About ROCKWOOL technical insulation:
ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, a subsidiary of the international ROCKWOOL group, is the world market leader in technical insulation for the process industry as well as marine and offshore. We offer a full range of products and systems providing effective thermal and flame retardant insulation for technical applications as well as proven solutions to combat corrosion under insulation.

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