Signing of a purchase contract for the equipment of the Muga mine processing plant

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Highfield Resources has signed a purchase agreement for major components of the processing plant to complete pre-construction activities at the Muga potash mine.

Following the recent A $ 18.1 million capital increase, the company is well funded to finalize contracts to purchase the remaining long-term items. And with the signing of this purchase contract, 85% of the planned equipment needed at the plant is now under contract. The remaining 15%, which includes tangential separators, dryers, thickeners and flotation columns, should be formalized in the coming weeks. The rest of the equipment, mainly mining equipment, will be procured before the start of operations. Completion of the supply of processing plant equipment is essential to enable improvements in the detailed engineering design of the plant with the design of the specific equipment used. In addition, it allows Highfield to cover the long manufacturing lead times for this type of equipment.

Weir Minerals supplies primary and secondary concentrate screens that will be used for particle size separation in the initial phase of crushing, grinding and desalination processes. Weir’s hydrocyclones will be used to remove fine particles from the slurry (called de-slamming) before flotation.

Highfield Resources CEO Ignacio Salazar said: “The signing of this supply contract with Weir Minerals is essential to ensure that we are ready for construction. This is another important milestone for Highfield and continues to highlight the progress and the company’s commitment to building Muga effectively. “

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The Western Australia Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation will provide assistance in facilitating the project.

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