Upgraded PV Plant Design Software

The joint tracking-driven integration between PVcase’s large-scale solar design tool and PVsyst – the software that predicts the performance of different PV system configurations, is now immediately available to all users who have updated the latest versions of both. “We are committed to constantly improving the design of large-scale PV power plants,” says David Trainavicius, CEO of PVcase, “this integration between PVcase and PVsyst is another effort to ensure a smoother workflow for solar design engineers. . This will allow our users to work faster and more efficiently, resulting in better turnaround times when producing single axis tracker designs. Single axis tracking designs made with PVcase in AutoCAD can now be transferred directly to PVsyst, eliminating the need to recreate designs in PVsyst, saving hours or days of work per design. The new .PVC file format co-developed by PVcase and PVsyst allows users to not only upload detailed designs of tracker layout, but also all specific parameters of single axis trackers like steering angle. The solar energy industry is growing rapidly and market research indicates a continued increase in large-scale PV plant projects for years to come. In the development of these photovoltaic power plants, sun tracking systems are becoming more and more popular. The growth of solar power demands better and more efficient solar design tools and ways to seamlessly integrate work between different applications.

Leon E. Hill

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