Vipal Introduces Retread Plant Equipment to the North American Market

Vipal Rubber Corp., a long-time supplier of tread rubber, is now in the retreading machinery business. Earlier this year, the company’s Vipal Machinery division installed a second machine at Pete’s Road Service’s truck tire retreading plant in Corona, Calif., And continues to operate with other retreaders based in America. North.

MTD recently met Gabriel Fuma, Commercial Director for the NAFTA region of Vipal, to discuss the plans for Vipal Machinery. (The company already sells factory retreading equipment in its native Brazil, as well as Argentina, El Salvador, Uruguay, Spain and New Zealand.)

MTD: Vipal has been a supplier of tread rubber, cement, casings, gum pad and other retreading components for many years and now brings factory retreading equipment to North America. Why are you expanding in North America and why now?

Smoke: North America is strategic for Vipal, both in terms of its retreading products and now equipment produced by the company. Vipal considers the United States as one of its main markets and understands its importance as the largest (market) in the world for retreading. This can be seen in the infrastructure that Vipal aims to establish to serve this region. There are three distribution centers (Vipal) in the United States: Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; and Norfolk, Virginia. In order to meet the growth in exports to the North American market, the company has dedicated one of its four factories exclusively to export.

Thus, the activity carried out by Vipal in the United States symbolized an excellent growth opportunity. We believe our equipment will add the most value in this market.

MTD: What opportunities does Vipal see for its equipment in North America?

Smoke: Having our equipment in North America is very promising. Tire retreading in the United States is a benchmark all over the world, because it is the largest in sales volume and where the biggest players are located. In addition, Vipal has … distribution centers in strategic locations across the country. In this context, the entry of our machines on American soil symbolizes for us a new stage, especially given the size of our customers.

MTD: Does Vipal design and manufacture all of its retreading equipment and machines or are they built by a third party?

Smoke: All Vipal Machinery equipment is 100% manufactured by the company itself. We employ our own engineering in all the technical and technological capacity that Vipal has acquired during its more than 47 years in the industry. This gives us the conditions to continue to bet on the expansion of our portfolio of equipment and activities in the global market.

The main goal of Vipal Machinery is to bring cutting-edge technology to our partners – offering them value for money, whether in terms of energy, manpower or improved utilization. of physical space.

MTD: Vipal Machinery has previously sold machines to some US-based retreaders, most recently to Pete’s Road Service in California. Can you describe how Vipal got along with Pete’s? What sold Pete’s by buying and installing Vipal machines? (Editor’s note: Vipal also sold equipment to North Carolina-based Retread Solutions.)

Smoke: Pete’s Road Service is a business partner of Vipal and has always had a very satisfactory experience (with Vipal tread rubber.) This good relationship and previous experience led the retreader to install the Vipal Smart Duo pad in their factory. in 2020. The decision to buy the machine was made betting on its value for money, besides knowing that they can always count on the services and technical support offered by Vipal.

After checking the quality and the results obtained with the operation of this machine, they decided to purchase new equipment, the VOC 760 Cargo, earlier this year. They say there are significant gains that the equipment provides.

MTD: Vipal’s decision to sell factory equipment puts it in a new “league” as a one-stop-shop not only for tread rubber, but also for machinery. How will Vipal’s US retreaders benefit from this approach?

Smoke: After the increase in Chinese tire taxes and a healthy economy, the (US retreading) segment started to regain a path of growth. US retreaders are generally optimistic about the future of the market. This directly affects the investment in equipment and in the modernization of their factories.

Leon E. Hill

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